Monday, October 4, 2010

Wild Weekend in Football

Good Lord, it was a wild weekend in football. First LSU seemingly loses because of an absolutely boneheaded play by the coach, offensive coordinator, and quarterback. Our backup Center snaped the ball with 1 second left that wound up causing the Tigers to have a horrible snap that ended the game. Luckily, that snap was the smartest play of the game because amidst the confusion of LSU trying to sub out players with 20 seconds left and no timeouts Tennessee subbed in 2 extra guys. That resulted in a penalty for too many men on the field and gave LSU one last chance to win the game.

Of course we scored on that untimed down and beat Tennessee 16-14 causing Nick Reveiz to cry. This was the second player i've ever seen cry on the field of Tiger Stadium and it was sweet. Although, his tears could have been cried by thousands of LSU fans because of yet another horrible time management issue from Les Miles. Oh well, we are 5-0 with 3 wins in the SEC, we have a new QB who can actually pass the ball (albeit not always well) and the hardest part of our schedule is now kicking in.

I hope that Les pulls it together and LSU goes undefeated but as of now i see us losing to Florida definitely and likely Alabama as well. We'll see.