Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Best Altcoin Faucets

Here is an altcoin faucet list that has all the working altcoin faucets for you.
Altcoin faucets allow you to get free altcoins to help familiarize yourself with them and the crypto-currency world. If you're looking for a wallet and exchange to sell these at check out Cryptsy

BBQcoin  1BQC

Devcoin 5 DVC 1 DVC 20 DVC

Digitalcoin  1 DGC

Doubloons  0.3385 DBL


Firecoin²  1 FC2

Franko  0.01 FRK

Freicoin  1 FRC Luck Based 

Infinitecoin 5000 IFC 10,000 IFC

Krugercoin 3.2 KGC 

Litecoin Random Luck Based 

Terracoin  COUPON:MOREMONEY 0.0001/0.0002 TRC 

Yacoin  1 YAC 

ZenithCoin  7 ZTC