Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another dreary day

I just woke up and let my dogs out to use the bathroom only to find another dreary day to greet my morning. Cloudy and cold, again. I know I mentioned this last post but I absolutely hate days like this because they are depressing and the cold air makes getting outside and doing something very uncomfortable.

Granted it's only 55 right now so I know many of you will say that isn't cold and to suck it up but lord i'm sitting in my study right now with a cup of hot tea and a space heater and when I finally leave for work i'll have a sweater on.

On a different note I ended up watching Pineapple Express last night as it seemed to be the one most of you wanted me to watch. I was a hoping it would be a little better but all in all it was a pretty funny movie that I would watch again. I might try to get up a full review some time soon.